A Partial Denture Can Sometimes Be Used to Replace Multiple Teeth Lost to Severe Oral Trauma

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Each of your teeth is held in its specific dental socket by a series of very strong periodontal ligaments. Yet there are still times when a hard blow to the face can impart sufficient force to separate these connective tissues.

In a severe case, an oral trauma of this magnitude can knock multiple teeth out of the socket or cause it to fracture at the gumline.

If a tooth is knocked out whole and kept alive in a tooth-preservations product made from a Hanks Balanced Salt Solution, it might be viable and planted back in the socket by a professional dentist like Dr. Paul Neumann.

Unfortunately, some of these cases result in the loss of multiple teeth in one area of your mouth.

In a situation like this Dr. Paul Neumann might recommend fitting you for a partial denture. This is an abbreviated form of a complete denture designed to mimic the appearance and function of the original teeth.

The dental appliance will likely include some additional features to help lock it in place with the surrounding teeth and fit snugly with your existing gum structure. However, many people with a partial denture also use a little denture adhesive to help firmly bond it in place and helping to block out food particles.

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