What Causes Mouth Sores?

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Do you have a mouth sore that is very irritating and causing pain in your mouth? They typically go away on their own, but if they don’t, you may need to seek treatment. It’s important to know the cause of your mouth sore in order to treat it. Dr. Paul Neumann and our associates here in Plaquemine, Louisiana, want to give you your smile the best treatment it deserves.

There are some surprising origins when it comes to the cause of mouth sores and they include:

– The herpes simplex virus causing cold sores
– Hormone changes in your body
– Stress-related sores
– Weakened immune system because of disease or autoimmune issues
– Cancer of the mouth (this is a rare situation)
– Infections, such as hand-foot-mouth disease, or abscesses.
– Oral medications, like aspirin, beta-blockers, sulfa drugs, and even chemotherapy
– Sharp/jagged teeth can irritate the gums in the back of the mouth
– Poor-fitting dentures
– Burns from liquids or food that are too hot
– Braces attached to the teeth rubbing on the gums
– Chewing tobacco/smoking

Depending on the extent of the mouth sore, your mouth sore may either need some or some due attention from your dentist. In cases you need to come into Paul Neumann, DDS, this may be because of your dentures, braces, or damaged teeth that are sharp. Our professionals can help you if you come in, sometimes through the use of a small dental procedure, tools to use, or antibiotics to get rid of any infections.

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