Do This Before Your Dental Appointment if You’re Pregnant

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If you’ve ever been expecting a child, you understand that it takes numerous medical checkups, and that can include lots of prescriptions. (And if you may be pregnant soon, you’ll definitely find out how busy pregnancy can be!) To help your doctors as they care for you during your pregnancy, there are some things you should do.

First, reach out to us about what services you have received and what medicines you are taking before seeing us. By knowing what your other doctors are prescribing you, Dr. Paul Neumann can choose which medicines are right for you. In a few cases, Dr. Paul Neumann may even converse with your other doctors to see what is right for you and your child. Secondly, don’t forget to continue using your toothpaste and floss, which are in their own right good medications for your oral cavity. Finally, write down any queries you have about your health and be ready to ask them to Dr. Paul Neumann during your checkup. Congratulations on this wonderful chapter of life!

The staff at Paul Neumann, DDS work hand-in-hand with Dr. Paul Neumann to assist you. Contact your Plaquemine, Louisiana, practice at 225-687-4366 to schedule your next visit. The staff at Paul Neumann, DDS has undertaken major training to help you, so give us a call today!