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A Dental Bleaching Treatment Is the Most Effective Method to Whiten Stained Teeth

If the teeth in your smile have become dull or yellow, it can have an adverse effect on your self-esteem. This might prompt you to try brightening your smile with store-bought whitening products. However, most of them lack the strength to safely and effectively whiten your smile. In a situation like this, your best option is to have your dentist, Dr. Paul Neumann, administer a dental bleaching treatment.

Before administering the whitening agent solution, Dr. Paul Neumann will protect your gums with a special gel or a rubber dam. Then, he will pour a small amount of concentrated bleaching gel into a tray that is inserted into your mouth. This will penetrate the pores on your tooth enamel and dissipate the set-in stain particles.

The total duration of the treatment will vary depending on the severity of your tooth stains. A special ultraviolet light might also be used to eradicate deep stains in textured areas. This can also help restore the luster of your teeth.

Once your teeth have been fully whitened, Dr. Paul Neumann can help you understand needed measures to maintain the brightness of your smile. This might include cutting back on certain foods, drinking dark beverages through a straw or brushing your teeth with a whitening toothpaste.

If you’ve got a dulled or deeply stained smile and you’re interested in a whitening treatment in Plaquemine, Louisiana, you should call 225-687-4366 to schedule a dental bleaching treatment at Paul Neumann, DDS.

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