Have you ever looked in the mirror and just wish you had the kind of million-dollar smile that you see in Hollywood? Thanks to Dr. Paul Neumann’s hard work in keeping up to date with modern dentistry and innovative developments, we can provide you with that million-dollar smile without having you pay us a million dollars.

The process that makes your smile the way you want it to be, without the trouble or cost that used to be involved, is called Lumineers®. When you receive the treatment for Lumineers in Plaquemine, Louisiana, we make your teeth whiter, stronger, and much better looking. It is a painless procedure (similar to bonding) that will give you the smile you will be proud of.

Unlike dental veneers, Lumineers require little to no tooth enamel removal. Lumineers are nearly as thin as a contact lens, but they are also very durable and can last up to 20 years. You can feel more confident when you wear a new smile with Lumineers. We would love for you to call us or schedule an appointment to learn more about Lumineers and how our dentist applies them to teeth. We are prepared to help you understand our cosmetic services.

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