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Restoring a Severely Fractured Tooth With a Crown

The enamel layer of your teeth is very hard and extremely durable, yet it is not impervious. While most damage to tooth enamel comes from tooth decay, or cavities, it is possible to break or fracture a tooth. Sometimes this is caused by a hard fall or blow to the face. However, if you have a bad habits of chewing on pencils and pens, or you grind your teeth at night on a regular basis, it can also cause significant chips and fractures.

In many cases, Dr. Paul Neumann can restore a fractured tooth by replacing the enamel layer with a crown. The material he recommends for your crown will largely be determined by on the tooth’s primary function and appearance in your smile.

If a fractured tooth is sensitive, or you experience persistent or sharp pain, it usually means that the fracture has exposed the dentin or pulp of the tooth. In a situation this Dr. Paul Neumann might need to perform a root canal.

Assuming the interior structure of the tooth is sound, Dr. Paul Neumann will remove the majority of the enamel layer, to create an abutment, which your permanent crown will later be cemented to. An impression is then made of the area, which is sent to a dental lab, where your crown is made. In the meantime, they will cover the abutment with a temporary crown to protect it.

Dr. Paul Neumann will call you in for a brief second appointment when you permanent crown is completed to cement it in place.

If you have a fractured tooth that needs to be restored, please call Dr. Paul Neumann at 225-687-4366 to schedule an appointment.

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